COVID 19 Update: End of Week 1

As we close out this first week of designing our New Normal in DeSoto ISD, I want to offer a few words of encouragement. 

What we are currently experiencing is unprecedented and there is no framework or point of reference for the journey we are navigating. You may be feeling fear, concern or uncertainty. 

You are not alone. 

DeSoto ISD is right here with you, and we are committed to fulfilling our role of service and support in this community. 

As a parent of two DeSoto ISD students, I understand how difficult these dramatic changes have been for our families, and we are working to ensure that we have addressed as many concerns as we can related to the district’s extended closure.  

While we won’t be able to resolve every issue, we will work within our means and resources to give our best effort. 

I want to commend our staff members, at every level, for working around the clock to plan and provide services for our students and families.  

This week, our Child Nutrition Team has served more than 1,300 breakfast meals and almost 3,000 lunch meals to children in our community.  

Our teachers and leaders have designed and implemented our Distance Learning Plan for parents to utilize at home with our students. Parents, we understand that you may not be a certified teacher, but we wanted to provide you with enough resources to help our students have some sense of normalcy. For assistance with the distance learning plan, please contact your child’s teacher or send an email to Many of these lessons have paper-based activities that do not require a device, but in the event that a student is in need of a device, please submit a request to check out a device on the district’s web page. For tech support, please send an email to 

Members of several teams have collaborated to design how we will provide accommodations and modifications for our most vulnerable students who receive services through our Special Education Department. 

Major district operations have continued...HR is working to address the needs of our staff, Communications now sends a daily update which recaps developments in our efforts to address changes in our system, Finance is working to ensure employees and vendors are paid and that we are properly accounting for the added expenses of this shift in our operations and, Technology is working to ensure families have the tools and access needed to continue learning at home.

Members of all teams have worked extended hours to keep our district functioning. Because we aim to be responsive, we ask that families send general questions, comments or concerns to the email account. All inquiries will receive a response in 24 hours or less. 

And our custodial and maintenance staff have worked every day to ensure that our facilities are clean, well-maintained and safe during our extended closure. 

I also want to thank our Board of Trustees and the leaders and members of the DeSoto and Glenn Heights communities for banding together to work through our current circumstances. #TogetherWeWill move forward better and stronger.

To our students, your resilience during this time should be commended. Not seeing your teachers and friends is undoubtedly tough, but we will continue to work to address what we can where can.   

To our seniors, you have worked so hard to advance to this point in your lives, and we are working on ways to properly honor and recognize you. We are listening to your requests and feedback and will consider them as we create a plan around senior activities. 

I am so encouraged by the warmth, empathy, support and positive collaboration I have observed in our community during this time. I am hopeful that THIS will indeed become our new normal and, for that, I am grateful and excited about the future of DeSoto ISD.

I love you, and will be thinking about each and every one of you!