COVID Mental Wellness Check


I hope everyone is continuing to remain safe, healthy and in good spirits during Dallas County’s Shelter-In-Place ordinance. As we approach the extended Easter weekend, I hope you will take this time to rest, reflect and refresh.

While staying inside is an effort designed to stop community spread of the coronavirus, the challenges that come along with this new normal are trying for us all.

I am so appreciative of the support and encouragement that I see online during this public health concern but I also understand the stress and anxiety that can result from working from home while balancing the needs of your respective households and families.

While I don’t have all the answers, I have been reading a great deal about how we can set ourselves up for success during this time and want to offer my encouragement and a few takeaways to help you as you develop a plan to create balance for yourselves and enhance social and emotional wellness while at home:


  1. Choose a space that will be your designated workspace. This can be a guest room, dining room. 

  2. Light is a must and doors are a huge plus.

  3. Where you have the opportunity to clear or reduce clutter, do that. A clean workspace reduces stress and distraction.

  4. Adopt a plant or two and utilize essential oils that you can steep through a diffuser to create calm energy in your space.

  5. Check out Spotify playlists or sound apps and queue up some tunes without words that can help you pace yourself as your work without becoming distracting or listen to white noise or the background of a coffee shop.

  6. Clean and reorganize your space at the end of each day to help start the next day off right.



  1. Make/Keep A Routine: Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can't have a routine. Routines promote time management and have been proven to lower anxiety. Use the remainder of the day to create balance in the other areas of your life.

  2. Start At-Home Exercises: YouTube has hundreds of free at-home exercise videos or go for a walk, dance in your living room or any number of other activities you can do in and around your home. These are great ways to have fun with your family or take some time for yourself. Staying physically active will decrease depression and anxiety.

  3. Invest in online mental health apps: Many apps are now offering their services for free during this period in which so many people are relegated to their homes.

  4. Spend time unplugged and doing an activity you love.: Turning off the tv and other electronic devices is a healthy way to take a mental breather. Draw, cook, read, or pick up a new hobby or skill. This will create a diversion that could bring the joy and fulfillment you need away from school and work.

  5. Stay in community: Utilize video chat rather than texting or phone calls. Seeing and interacting with other people outside your home will help you maintain healthy relationships in and outside of your home.

To the essential staff employees in our community, that must report to their respective workplaces day after day, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude. Thank you all so much for your strength, courage, and willingness to continue during this time. I encourage you all to find the time to incorporate the suggested tips mentioned above as well. We are all in this together and I want everyone to come out of this healthier, stronger, and wiser.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home and, most of all, stay sane. #TogetherWeWill.