Anytime Anywhere Learning

DeSoto ISD Eagles! You’ve been patiently awaiting news about the long-term plans for distance learning for this semester while you have worked HARD on your week 1 and week 2 distance learning assignments! We’ve got a stellar plan to meet the needs of our kids with tech and tech-free assignments, flexible instructional methods to allow kids, families, and district employees the flexibility to adjust to life in response to a global pandemic, and a plan that ensures access to high-quality learning for kids!

To be sure we pull it off with the highest quality, and that we solve for the many challenges facing us all as we shelter in place, the week of March 30, 2020, will be an intensive professional learning and planning week for our grown-up DeSoto Eagles. For students, we have posted learning plans for the week of March 30, 2020. Find the plans at our DeSoto ISD Distance Learning website. Students and families with questions should contact their child’s teachers directly.

Grade Level Band

Weeks of March 17, March 23

Week of March 30

PK – 12

Full Plan: English, Español

Full Plan: English, Español

Pre-Kindergarten (3s)

English, Español

English, Español

Pre-K4 – 2nd *

English, Español

English, Español

3rd – 5th *

English, Español

English, Español

6th – 8th

English, Español

English, Español

9th and 10th

English, Español

English, Español

11th and 12th

English, Español

English, Español

*PK4 – 5th graders will be expected to use Istation Math, Reading/Español. To download the Istation app to your device, see Ms. Islam’s instructional video here

Distance Learning Need-to-Knows:

DeSoto ISD is enacting a district-wide closure of schools and offices to encourage social distancing measures for the health and safety of our community in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We have come together to create a plan for student learning and a collection of resources for families to accommodate our immediate and indefinite closure for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. (This decision will be reassessed as information is released). 

Technology: Devices, Internet Access - What if I don’t have access?

  • DEVICES: If you need a device, please contact your campus principal. 

  • INTERNET ACCESS: If you DO NOT have internet access, qualifying families can get free internet services from Spectrum or Comcast.

    • Spectrum Free WiFi (60 days free): Call 1-844-488-8395 to enroll. For the full directions and information, click here.

    • Comcast Free WiFi (60 days free): Apply online on the Comcast Website here for access to the Internet Essentials plans.

    • If you are unable to receive the free services listed above and do not have access to the internet, please contact your campus principal to discuss the tech-free instructional options.

  • TECH SUPPORT: If you are having difficulty with accessing the necessary technology, DeSoto ISD will have tech support available during regular business hours (8am - 5pm). Please email (1) a brief description of the issue and (2) your name and phone number to helpdesk@desotoisd.organd we will try to help you rectify your issue quickly.

  • GOOGLE ACCOUNT ACCESS: Students will need to have access to their google accounts and emails. Most students have the following set-up for their Google accounts. If a student has issues, they should email

    • Email address:

    • Password: First initial (capitalized), Second initial (lowercase), Student ID number, exclamation mark (i.e. Ab12345!)

Technology Resources: Accessing the Online Backpack

Teacher Support for Students

  • Teachers will be responsive to email to support student questions and needs the same-day or within a reasonable amount of time (less than 24 hours).

Special Education Daily Schedules

Students Enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses

Based on the most recent updates from College Board, students will have the opportunity to take online AP exams at their residences in May 2020. These exams are open-response, and students will have 45 minutes to complete each exam. To help students prepare for exams, College Board is offering free review courses to interested students. Students will also have opportunities to complete practice problems through their “My AP” accounts (contact specific AP teachers for details). Click on the links below for more information:

What about grades? Graduation?

We will share grading expectations in alignment with our district policies, and also acknowledging the challenges a global pandemic presents. Rest assured we are focused on the health and safety of our kids, families, and staff members above all else. We will communicate specifics about grades, graduation, etc.

DeSoto ISD and TEA Parent Portals

  • DeSoto ISD Parent PortalUpdate your contact information, access your child’s grades, and more.
  • Texas Education Agency Parent PortalAlthough the STAAR test has been cancelled for this year, it’s a great time to familiarize yourself with these resources. You can use your child’s Social Security number and birthdate to obtain the access code to log-in to the system.
  • Online Backpack Access: All district instructional resources are accessible via our online backpack. All students received magnets with log-in information for the Online Backpack in January. Here is how to access:
    • Username: firstname.lastname
    • Password: capital first name initial, lowercase last name initial, student ID #, and an exclamation mark
    • Example Student: Abby Brown ID#12345
    • Username: Abby.Brown
    • Password: Ab12345!
    • Still need help? Please reach out to your child’s teacher. 

Student Support Services

  • Post-Graduation Plan Meetings: All Junior and Senior level students will have 1-1 check-ins with a member of our Post Graduation Team (High School Counselor, To and Through staff, Advise TX Advisor or LETS Gear Up staff member). These check-ins will be focused on each individual student’s post-graduation plan and college matriculation process. These individualized conversations will also support any needs that students have.

  • Freshman and Sophomore Meetings: All Freshman and Sophomore students will have 1-1 or small group check-ins with a member of our Post-Graduation Team (counselor, To and Through Coordinator, or Advise TX Advisor. Outcomes of the scheduled virtual sessions will include a wellness check, review of student grades, post-graduation chat, and next steps.

  • K-12 Social-Emotional Wellness Checks: Students who were receiving small group or individualized counselor or social-emotional learning support (SEL) will receive a 1-1 check-in with a member of the SEL team (Campus Counselors, Behavior Coordinators, ACE coordinators, or NEXT Generation Gear UP Coordinators). Outcomes of these check-ins will include wellness checks, review of the social-emotional skills that students were focused on prior to the break, and review of current grades.

  • Parent and Family Resources: Student Support Services team members will have access to a bank of resources that will support themselves and their families. These resources will also include information to support the mental wellness of families and their students, as well as resources to talk about the Pandemic, and fun family activities.

  • Nursing Resources: Our campus Nurses are available to help field any school-related health question. Students who are considered medically fragile or those who were interacting with their campus nurse on a regular basis will have a weekly wellness check with their nurse.