Superintendent Re-Entry Letter

Superintendent Reconnect Message

Dear DeSoto ISD:

In March, DeSoto ISD announced a decision to extend Spring Break which led to the eventual long-term closure of schools for the remainder of the 2019- 2020 academic year. Through the district’s introduction of the remote learning plan, Anytime, Anywhere Learning, the hybrid graduation activities for the DHS Class of 2020, and now virtual summer school and academic enrichment, our community, parents, students and staff have remained committed to ensuring continuity in the educational experiences of our children. 

Your collaboration and flexibility have afforded us the opportunity to discuss and develop plans that supported the overall needs of our school system throughout the challenges of this global health pandemic.

Your commitment to helping where needed; to lending your voice, insights and expertise where needed; and sharing accurate and relevant information with our community, has afforded us an opportunity to maintain alignment and cohesion despite our being sheltered-in-place and amid our efforts to facilitate educational experiences remotely.

While this wasn’t the manner in which we imagined the school year would end, I am encouraged that this hardship has prepared us to exercise a more intense and balanced focus on flexibility, communication, and engagement for the upcoming school year.

Providing the best service to our students will require the collective effort of every person in our community whether directly or indirectly connected to DeSoto ISD--our students depend on it.

As we continue to review and unpack the guidelines and criteria for a safe return to schools in the fall, we commit to continuing our practice of accountable leadership, community engagement, and organizational transparency as we clarify our new normal in DeSoto ISD.

Thank you for working with us through these transitions and thank you for your continued support as we continue to do what’s best for our students and community.