Our School

CMP Students photo'd with Principal Angela Batiste.


In the DeSoto Collegiate Magnet Program, our mission is to provide students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate's degree in preparation for future endeavors and global challenges. Staff, parents, students, and community stakeholders will work together to instill in each student the academic social skills necessary for responsible and productive citizenship through professional development, community service, and scholarship opportunities.


Leadership & Support

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  • To create a means to higher education for first-generation college students.
  • To provide dual credit to students at no cost along with intense academic counseling.
  • To develop course work which reflects a college curriculum.
  • To increase college attendance and success rates for students.
  • To promote a college culture among students on and off campus.


  • Students receive the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and Associate’s Degree at no cost.
  • The CMP program offers eleven different degree choices and over twenty-five college and industry certifications through personalized degree plans based on student interest.
  • Degree plans are carefully selected to complement the existing DHS College and Career Academies. Choices include Health and Science, Arts and Performance, Professional, Business, and Technology fields.