Student Transfer Information

Student transfers for 2018-19 are currently closed
Please use the form below and submit to Student Support Services.

Please read all the Student Transfer Guidelines before filling out the Student Transfer Request form.

Student Transfer Request form

2018-19 Student Transfer Guidelines

Neighborhood School Concept

The DeSoto ISD is committed to the neighborhood school concept. Where a student resides determines the schools he/she will attend. The District maintains a comprehensive student assignment plan that is designed to support the neighborhood schools concept, promote balanced enrollment and efficient use of facilities, and comply with legal requirements. Any Kinder through 8th-grade student, who wishes to attend a DeSoto ISD school outside of his/her neighborhood attendance area (the “home school”) must complete a Student Transfer Request and obtain District approval to change schools.

Procedures for Student Transfer Requests

The superintendent’s designee will attempt to make a decision on a transfer request within 60 days after the deadline for all completed requests. However, the District may delay a decision when determined necessary to properly consider relevant information and operational needs. Transfers are effective at the beginning of the fall semester and until the last grade is completed at that campus. New requests must be completed annually during the transfer period. The parent provides transportation for the transfer student.

The district reserves the right to revoke/deny any transfer for the following reasons:

  • Violation of standards contained in the Student Code of Conduct or student handbook;
  • Space unavailability;
  • Truancy (poor attendance and/or tardies);
  • Misconduct;
  • Academic Performance;
  • Lack of Parental Engagement.

Considerations of Transfer Request

In evaluating each student transfer request, DeSoto ISD will consider:

  • Individual needs of the student and reason provided on the transfer request;
  • Student’s behavior and attendance history;
  • Overall effect the transfer will have on the home and receiving school;*
  • Student’s need for special instructional services not provided at the home school;
  • Medical condition of the student as described in a letter from the student's medical provider (letter must be attached);
  • A family request to have siblings attend the same school;
  • Building capacity and any planned renovation projects;
  • Current enrollment, growth projections, and boundary issues;
  • A request to allow a student who has moved to another DeSoto ISD attendance area to continue to remain in the current school he/she has been attending;
  • Teacher allocations and class size; and/or
  • Other factors relevant to a particular transfer request.

*DeSoto ISD will not increase staffing allocations to accommodate student transfer requests. Consideration of the effect of the transfer may differ at elementary and secondary schools.