Student Transfer Information

Please read all the Student Transfer Guidelines before filling out the Student Transfer Request form.

Neighborhood School Concept
DeSoto ISD is committed to the neighborhood school concept. Where a student resides determines the schools he/she will attend. The District maintains a comprehensive student assignment plan that is designed to support the neighborhood school concept, promote balanced enrollment and efficient use of facilities, and comply with legal requirements. Any Kinder through 8th-grade student, who wishes to attend a DeSoto ISD school outside of his/her neighborhood attendance area (the “home school”) must complete a Student Transfer Request and obtain District approval to change schools.

Procedures and Guidelines
The following procedures and guidelines are for DeSoto ISD students and families who wish to transfer to a different campus. This transfer process does not apply to students and families who wish to apply to a magnet program. Information regarding magnet school applications can be found on the DeSoto ISD webpage. In addition, transfers will be considered for DeSoto ISD full-time employees, regardless if the employees live in-district or out-of-district per FDB(LOCAL).

  • Transfer Limits: A student transfer may only be requested one time per school year.

  • Mid-year Transfers: Mid-year transfers will only be granted for qualifying circumstances included in board policy FDB(LEGAL).

  • Students with Disabilities: For students with disabilities, the 504 or ARD committee shall determine which instructional and related services are required and will recommend placement for services based on the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) currently in effect. An invitation for a Transfer shall be denied if the 504 or ARD committee recommends services at a different school. Site selection is an administrative decision and may be changed at any time.

  • For English Learners (ELs): For ELs in the One-Way Dual Language Immersion (DLI) bilingual program or ESL, the LPAC shall determine the placement for services based on program availability. Starting in the 2020-21 school year, ELs in the DLI program will attend Frank Moates Elementary due to specialized program offerings.  ELs in the ESL program may attend any campus in the District. All transfer requests for ELs may need an additional review and approval by the campus EL Lead and/or EL & LOTE Department.


  • Feeder Patterns: Parents/guardians must complete a new transfer application to any middle school that they are not currently zoned to. Feeder patterns are not guaranteed for students attending an elementary school on a transfer.

  • Considerations for Transfer Approval: Approved transfers are authorized until the last grade is completed at that campus. In evaluating each student transfer request, DeSoto ISD will consider the following criteria:

    • Transportation: The parent must provide transportation to and from school and ensure students arrive at school and are picked up from school on time.

    • Space must be available in:

      • School;

      • Grade level;

      • Specialty classes; and

      • Special programs, if applicable.

    • Attendance (including tardiness)

    • Student performance:

      • Failing grades in two or more subject areas;

        • Failure of the student to be a positive member of the school environment; and

    • Discipline: Violations of the Code of Conduct [Levels III, IV, and V].

In the event a transfer is revoked, the school will provide written notice of the transfer denial and extend an opportunity for a conference to review reasons for transfer denial.

Application Timeline
The superintendent’s designee will attempt to make a decision on a transfer request within 60 days after the deadline for all completed requests. However, the District may delay a decision when determined necessary to properly consider relevant information and operational needs.

  1. Transfer Requests will begin at 8 AM on May 18, 2020 and end at 5 PM on July 29, 2020 for the fall semester.

  2. Parents/guardians will be notified in writing of acceptance by July 31, 2020 close-of-business. Failure to submit a completed application (including all required documents) will be deemed as a rejection.

  3. Parents/guardians of accepted students will have two weeks from the time of acceptance to accept or reject the offer (in writing) to attend the DeSoto ISD.

  4. Upon acceptance, the campus will communicate with the parent/guardian to schedule an appointment to register.

Student Transfer Request Form