Safe Together Safety Protocols

COVID Safety Protocols

Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott communicated a new executive order outlining the state’s intent to lift COVID safety regulations and reopen the state. 

Many have concerns regarding what this means for district and campus safety operations. DeSoto ISD’s COVID-19 Task Force, a group of more than 50 district staffers, is continuing to review new and evolving information from the Centers for Disease Control and local health officials to inform changes and updates to the district’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines which are available for review here.

 Below, are major points of clarification for district operations regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols in DeSoto ISD:

 Facial Coverings:

  • DeSoto ISD will continue to require the use of masks while onsite at district campuses and facilities
  • The District has an allotment of masks available for students in the event a student loses or damages a mask. Families are encouraged to send additional masks to school with students each day.

Student Consequences for Improper Mask Use or Refusal to Wear a Mask:

  • Students who refuse to wear masks may incur disciplinary infractions as a result of their non-compliance with district safety protocols related to COVID-19
  • Student infractions will be documented as follows in the Student Conductor system:
    • 1st Infraction: Verbal Reminder to wear a mask
    • 2nd Infraction: Parent Contact re: refusal to wear a mask or proper wearing of a mask
    • 3rd Infraction: Removal from general classroom setting

 Air Quality and Ventilation:

  • Classroom air filters are removed and disinfected every 30 days to ensure optimal performance
  • All classrooms have upgraded ventilation systems which circulate fresh air every 10 minutes
  • Classroom doors should remain closed in order to enhance functionality of the ventilation systems and as aligned with campus security protocols


  • The ISC is now open to visitors
  • Visitors may visit campuses by appointment only
  • Parents will not be permitted to visit district classrooms
  • Visitors will not be permitted to attend Board meetings and are encouraged to view meetings online. Public Comments may be submitted here.


  • Campuses may have in-person meetings with four or less people in attendance but the meeting must take place in a large, well-ventilated space. Please note virtual meetings are still preferred and recommended when possible.
  • Meetings with more than four attendees must take place virtually
  • Student award programs and parent meetings must take place virtually
  • No potlucks or social gatherings are permitted at district campuses or facilities this time


  • DeSoto ISD will offer transportation for students starting March 22
  • Students MUST wear a mask at all times while riding the bus
  • Buses will be cleaned before and after each route
  • Windows will remain open while students are aboard buses
  • While the district cannot guarantee social distancing aboard the bus, students are asked to maintain a reasonable distance from peers while riding the bus


  • The district will maintain current guidelines for travel
  • Staff are required to quarantine following international travel and MUST provide documentation of a negative test before being permitted to return to work
  • Staff are not required to quarantine following domestic travel but should continue to be vigilant regarding the monitoring of symptoms related to COVID-19

For the safety of yourself and our school community, please continue to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently. The safety of our school community depends on it.

For additional information or guidance, please consult the above-referenced safety guidelines or contact your child’s principal.