Travel Self-Reporting Form

DeSoto ISD Parents and Staff:

The district will extend Spring Break through March 20, 2020. DeSoto ISD is continuing to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19), an infectious disease being seen across the United States with more frequency. This week, there have been a few cases reported in North Texas, although none with connections to DeSoto ISD. We are partnering with the Dallas County Health Department, Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to stay informed and be prepared to respond.

Over the break, our custodial services team conducted a thorough cleaning and sanitization of all district classrooms and buildings including carpets, air ducts, bathrooms, classrooms and common areas. District custodial staff used CDC recommended and approved cleaners and sanitizers for this effort.

During Spring Break many of our families and employees will have traveled. We are following the recommendations of the CDC and Dallas County Health to remind staff and families about federal travel restrictions to and from affected areas. The list of affected countries changes continually, and we encourage anyone traveling to monitor the CDC travel website or the Texas Department of State Health Services coronavirus travel information website closely for updates. Today the countries with some level of CDC warnings or restrictions are China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan.

Anyone who has traveled to one of the CDC-restricted areas is asked to self-report.

Employees must self-report to their supervisors, and families should self-report to their campus principals.

Please complete the district's confidential self-reporting form here.

Employees and families who visited the affected areas will be asked to adhere to the CDC’s 14-day social distancing guidelines. Health officials are not currently requiring a self-quarantine for asymptomatic individuals who had family members travel to international locations.

We are working closely with health department officials to navigate this changing situation.

Keep in mind the simple healthy hygiene guidelines shared in previous messaging to help prevent the spread of illness. That information can be found on the CDC website along with these Frequently Asked Questions.