April 3, 2020: COVID Update

I hope you are safe and healthy in these challenging times. What we are experiencing today is certainly not what any of us had planned for our students nor for our community. Please know how grateful I am for your continued support and care for one another.

I am especially grateful for the healthcare workers and their courage and dedication to keeping us safe during this public health concern. Thank you to everyone, across a number of professional fields and industries, who are selflessly serving on the frontlines of this pandemic and for the sacrifices that you and your families are making to fight COVID-19.

Despite the challenges we face today, I remain hopeful because I know that we are surrounded by a community of caring people —those who continue to make a positive difference in the lives of students, families and staff in DeSoto no matter what. Whether teaching remotely, serving food curbside, providing access to technology, or helping in countless other ways, in DeSoto ISD we take care of one another and remain committed to working together for a better, stronger community.

While our school buildings are closed, we will continue to provide virtual educational experiences and resources through the Anytime, Anywhere Distance Learning  Plan . While early phases of the district’s distance learning plan were centralized, the Anytime, Anywhere Learning Plan provides a district-guided framework for flexible, consistent high-quality, localized instruction facilitated by an expert teacher in the digital space. I’m really excited about this plan because it centers on 3 important E’s...

  • Excellence: 

    • How do we continue to provide high-quality learning experiences for students while balancing the realities of a global crisis? 

  • Empathy: 

    • How do we ensure that we seek to meet the human needs of every person in our system (employees, students, and families) while we accomplish this? 

  • Equity: 

    • How do we work to resolve barriers to instruction, especially for our students, who have the most barriers to access?


Despite the fact that this learning plan was developed out of our need to provide some continuation of student learning during these unprecedented times, our vision is to ensure that this type of individualized learning continues into the future even as we one day return to our schools. This effort to make the world our limitless classroom and provide resources to enhance learning is a practice that we will intentionally model in DeSoto ISD.

Details of the plan are located on our website and we will continue to ensure that you have information about and access to our learning plan.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to inform and update our school community to ensure we are working together and transitioning forward in a healthy and collaborative way. In the meantime, I miss being with you all and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay safe and healthy.