Jan 20, 2021: Persevering through challenging times

The Meadows

This has certainly been a challenging school year for our school system. Our educators have been charged with the responsibility of providing academic continuity for the students in our community amid a global pandemic.

And, I am thankful for our EPIC staff members who show up every day, despite the challenges.

This week, one of our campus communities, The Meadows Elementary, was hit with the devastating loss of a teacher.  And, unfortunately, this is another blow in a series of difficult events for this particular campus. 

While we do not know the full circumstances surrounding this teacher’s passing, we do know that the teacher was under an administrative quarantine. 

I have often said that the physical and emotional wellbeing of our students, staff, and community is our top priority and together, we are responsible for cultivating a community where everyone feels respected, cared for and safe.

My staff and I have been in contact with the team at The Meadows Elementary and we are prioritizing a response to the current conditions at the campus.

Due to many factors and staff considerations, we have decided to transition The Meadows Elementary campus to full virtual instruction and remote work for Thursday and Friday, January 21-22.

During this time, all students will access their classes virtually and will not physically go to the campus, regardless of their current learning option. Campus staff will continue to provide academic support remotely as well.  The custodial staff will use this time to continue their on-going deep cleaning process of the facility. District administrators will also ensure that all staff members are aware of and adhere to campus health and safety guidelines. Also, our Human Resources team is working to connect campus staff to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services. 

While this is another moment in a series of challenges, I am confident and encouraged by the spirit of our team and what we can accomplish and overcome together. 

For more information about DeSoto ISD’s cleaning procedures, click here.


Dr. D’Andre Weaver


DeSoto ISD