February 20, 2021 Weather update

Feb 20, 2021

Dear DeSoto ISD,

As I write this letter, it is my hope that each and every family in DeSoto ISD is safe, warm and well. The weather events of this past week have presented many challenges for our community and communities across Texas as we dealt with the aftermath of unprecedented freezing temperatures and power outages.

During this time, some may have experienced loss of heat, water, and/or damage to your property, while others are in the process of completely starting over. Amid these realities, I continue to keep each and every student, staffer and community member in my thoughts and prayers.


As a school district, we have been preparing facilities to receive students and staff next week. We are fortunate that while some of our campuses did sustain water damage due to frozen or busted pipes, we’ve been able to repair those issues thanks to our hard-working and dedicated Plant Services team who braved the icy roads and cold temperatures to ensure our facilities are warm and ready to receive students.


However, out of an abundance of caution, we will scaffold the district’s reopening next week to ensure the safety of our school community as follows:


  • Monday, February 22: Remote work for staff and virtual instruction for Students

All campuses and buildings will remain closed so that we can conduct additional walk-throughs at every campus ensuring all issues which may have developed during the closure have been addressed. Child Nutrition Teams will use this time to prepare kitchens for food service by restocking inventory and ensuring kitchens are operational to provide warm and nutritious meals for our scholars.


Please note Grab and Go Meal service will resume at the regularly scheduled times and locations on Monday.


  • Tuesday, February 23: Staff return to campuses/offices while students remain virtual

With staff back on campus, this day serves as an opportunity to assess the readiness of our classrooms and address any identified concerns prior to students physically returning. 


  • Wednesday, February 24: Staff onsite; Campus-supervised learners return to campus

Weather forecasts report that, by mid-week, much of the ice and snow will have melted and temperatures will be warmer ensuring safe travel and more suitable conditions to resume normal activity in and around our school community.


We know this has been a trying time for our school community, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to reopen our schools safely.


We will get through this together.



Dr. D’Andre J. Weaver