Cadet Uniform Q&A

1) What color socks are worn with the class A or B uniform?
Black socks.

2) What type of shirt is worn under the Army green coat?
AG 415 long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt.

3) The black necktie/neck tab is optional when wearing what type of uniform?
Class B uniform with short sleeves.

4) What color t-shirt is worn with the class A or B uniform?

5) What uniform is worn during ceremonies and social functions?
The Class A or B uniform.

6) What uniform is worn at summer camps and for participation on special teams?

7) What insignia do cadet officers wear on the garrison cap?
Grade or rank insignia.

8) What insignia do enlisted cadets wear on the garrison cap?
ROTC insignia.

9) What color t-shirt is worn with the BDU uniform?

10) How is the grade (or ROTC) insignia worn on the garrison cap?
On the left side of the cap one inch from the crease and centered vertically between the top braid and the bottom of the cap.

11) How is the JROTC shoulder sleeve insignia worn on the class A uniform?
On the left sleeve, ½ inch below the shoulder seam.

12) Where is the Honor Unit insignia worn?
One-fourth of an inch and centered above the top of the right pocket (for female cadets it is worn ¼ inch above the nameplate)

13) How are ribbons positioned on the class A uniform?
Ribbons are centered on the left side 1/8 of an inch above the left pocket (centered above the horizontal line for female cadets).

14) Describe a rank?
Cadet describes a certain rank asked by the inspector.

15) How often must a uniform be worn by cadets?
At least once per week.

16) Can a male cadet wear an earring in uniform?

17) What size earrings can female cadets wear?
Small spherical earrings not to exceed 1/4 inch in diameter.

18) How is the nameplate worn on your uniform?
Center the nameplate on the right pocket between the top of pocket and the top of the button for males. (Females: 1 to 2 inches above the top button centered horizontally on the right side of the coat. In a comparable

19) What regulation covers the wear of the uniform?
AR 670-1 and CCR 145-2.

20) How are shoulder board ranks worn?
Cadet officers place the pointed end toward the collar and the flat end toward the edge of the shoulder; for enlisted cadets, place the side with the pointed chevron toward the collar.

21) Are shoulder boards authorized for wear with the class B uniform?

22) What does ACU stand for?
Army Combat Uniform.

Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia