DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor

DeSoto ISD developed the DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor in 2012 to recognize alumni and those who have provided meritorious service to the district. The criteria listed below will be used to measure candidates for the Hall for both categories - DHS Alumni Hall of Fame and DeSoto ISD Distinguished Service Award.

Videos of Ceremony and Inductees

Nominations will open February 1, 2022.

CLICK HERE for nomination form

Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2022

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) - Minimum 10 years of consistent contribution is required for nominees to be considered for the Distinguished Service recognition. Thousands of educators, parents, community supporters, business people and elected officials have made significant contributions to the development and improvement of DeSoto ISD.  Nominate these individuals to be celebrated through the DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor.

Alumni Hall of Fame (HOF)
- Minimum 10 years since graduation is required for a nominee to be considered for Alumni Hall of Fame recognition (for 2021 Hall of Honor nominees must have graduated from DHS in 2010 or before).  DeSoto High School has graduated thousands of people with rewarding careers, individuals who touch the lives of others - from artists, elected officials, and CEOs, to doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Celebrate their contributions through nomination to the DHS Alumni Hall of Fame.

Nomination submissions

All nominations will be submitted online.   You may download a draft word document to compile the required information for ease of submission. Download draft form here.  Nominations may be made by individuals or groups, or a person may self-nominate.  Only one nomination is required per person; multiple nominations for a single person will be combined and evaluated as a single score.

Evaluation and grading
Nominations will be evaluated and graded by a designated selection committee.  The selection committee considers only the information included in the nomination without regard to individual familiarity with nominee (or lack thereof).  Therefore, nominations should be thoroughly researched prior to submission.  The selection is not based on popularity, so letters of support are not included in award scoring.

Each of the 4 designated criteria areas listed below is assigned a maximum value of 5 points with a maximum total of 20 points possible (see Grading Rubric). Nominations receiving a minimum total of 15 points will be inducted into the Hall of Honor.
1. Special achievements of nominee.
2. Awards or honors received by nominee.
3. Nominee’s community service activities
4. Special contributions to DeSoto High School/DeSoto ISD (DSA) or within their chosen field of endeavor (HOF).

Grading Rubric


1 -2 points

3 points

4-5 points

Special achievements of nominee


School or district wide achievements

City, DFW or County wide achievements including church, club or civic organization accomplishments

Life Saver recognition, Patented invention, National or State achievements, Demonstrated assistance to National or State recognized person or project

Awards or honors received by nominee


School or district recognition

City, DFW or County wide recognition

State or National recognition

Nominee’s community service activities


Held membership in 1 to 3 organizations supporting school or community.

Has served in a variety of volunteer groups, prevention programs, etc.; demonstrating a contribution to school OR community through their participation.

Has served in a wide variety of volunteer groups, prevention programs, etc.; demonstrating a contribution to school AND community through their participation.

Special contributions to DeSoto High School/DeSoto ISD (DSA) OR in chosen field or service area (HOF)


Minimum ten year continuum for DSA/ 5 year for Alumni HOF

11 – 12 year continuum for DSA/ 6 – 7 year for Alumni HOF

13 years or more continuum for DSA, 8 years or more for Alumni HOF

Presentation Ceremony
The awards will be presented at the virtual DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor Awards event on May 20, 2022 via Zoom streamed live on Facebook. The number of recipients each year will be determined by the vote of the Hall of Honor Selection Committee. Due to the nature of the award, the nominee does not need to be alive to receive the award. Please complete the nominating form as the nominator. Then thoughtfully and thoroughly complete the section regarding the nominee and their contributions to the district and society. Thank you!




2012 - Ellis Hobbs, III
2012 - Sgt. Jason Brown (posthumously)

2012 - Laura Dooley
2012 - Dr. Janice Pettis Ingram
2012 - Judy Moss
2013 - Mark Brady
2013 - James P. Monkres, Jr.
2013 - Shirley Cooper
2013 - Frank Moates
2014 - David Plott
2014 - Casey Printers
2014 - Pamela DeBorde
2014 - Kathy Goad
2015 - Rachel Proctor
2015 - Mike Humphreys

2015 - Kathryn 'Kitty' Hickerson
2015 - Bill Hickey  (posthumously)
2015 - Melvlyn 'Sissy' Lowe
2015 - Dr. Peggy Trammell

2016 - Dr. Jelani Ingram
2016 - Warren Seay Jr. 
2016 - Rachel Thomas
2016 - Christopher Vinson (posthumously)

2016 - Karen Daniel
2016 - Chris Dyer
2016 - Beth Wright
2017 -  Chief Fred Hart, Jr.
2017 -  Rick Jaffa
2017 - June Villers
2017 - Byron Hanspard, Sr.
2017 - Ro Parish

2017 - Lynne Kornegay
2017 - Mika Malone
2017 - Kanina Johnson
2017 - Aubrey C. Hooper
2017 - Sharon Sternes (posthumously) 
2018 - Von Miller  2018 -  Dr. Cheyrl Ensley
 2018 - Mayor Curtistene McCowan 
 2018 - Jan McDaniel

   2019 - Coach Larry Goad
 2019 - Howard McDaniel
   2020 - Donald Gant
 2020 - Linda Murphree
2021 - Zachary Orr
2021 - Amanda Sargent
 2021 -  Dr. Becky Sheppard