Energy Management

What is Energy Management?
Energy Management is an energy conservation program initiated by the School Board in 2010 to help the DeSoto Independent School District monitor utility consumption, achieve savings by reducing energy consumption and create a better educational environment.

Why are we doing this?
Energy costs continue to rise every year and are now at a twenty-year high. These costs have a direct impact on the funds available to the District's educational resources and programs. Aside from the funding issues, we also face a critical shortage of natural resources.   We need to act now to maintain and conserve these resources when it comes to electricity.   Electricity prices are based on oil prices and we have all seen oil prices soar over the past two years.

What does the Energy Manager do?
The Energy Manager facilitates all aspects of the energy program. He tracks and analyzes all utility bills for the entire District. Each month the bills are entered on a software program called Energy Cap that allows each building to be evaluated on a monthly basis for increased/decreased consumption and additional costs or savings.   He conducts energy audits of all of the district's facilities at various times of the day and night to see how much energy our buildings consume and identify areas where the District can conserve energy and achieve cost savings.

The Energy Management Program Philosophies and Guidelines are designed to maximize comfort and safety for students, teachers, and staff, and to enhance the teaching environment while at the same time capitalize on every opportunity to conserve energy and save tax dollars and shift those dollars to other educational needs. Our savings are made possible by the tireless efforts of our entire professional staff all doing their jobs with energy conservation in mind. I would like to personally thank everyone for their energy conserving efforts.