1. Self Service Password Reset

Step 1: Setup Self-Service Password Reset

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Step 1: Setup Self-Service Password Reset  

Step 2: Download the MFA App

Step 3: Sign In Account After Enabling MFA

What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi–factor authentication is an additional security step used to verify a user’s identity when signing into their DeSoto ISD Office 365 account. After signing in with a username and password, there is a dynamically generated verification code sent by Microsoft to a designated device, for users to input, which provides an additional layer of security.

Setup Self-Service Password Reset

Before setting up MFA you will need to setup or confirm your Self-Service Password Reset information. If it is the first time signing in to your DeSoto ISD account, the user may be asked to submit Self-Service Password Reset questions. This is necessary so that the user can recover a forgotten password. 

To setup or review your Self-Service Password Reset answers, visit: https://aka.ms/ssprsetup

This is the SSPR Self-Service Password Reset Screen. 

Dont Lose Your Account
With the Self-Service Password Reset, you have the option to select how you will recover your password if you forget it. 

  1. Click on the blue “Set it up now,” link to begin setting up recovery options.
    Note: As a best practice, DeSoto ISD recommends setting up an Authentication Phone first. Office phone should not be used.
  2. Once you’ve set up your recovery option, click “Finish,” to complete the Self-Service Password Reset and to continue to the next step.


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