DeSoto ISD Shares Its District Teachers of the Year

DeSoto ISD Celebrates its 23-24 District Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year
Posted on 06/10/2024
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DeSoto Independent School District celebrates the best of the best in providing instructional excellence for the 23-24 academic school year and announces its two top teachers. This year, the district elementary teacher of the year is Lauren Stewart of Frank Moates Elementary and the district secondary teacher of the year is Lakesha Jackson of Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy.

Earlier this semester, each campus selected one outstanding teacher to represent their campus as Teacher of the Year based on their high performance, leadership, innovation, and engagement within their school community. Following the campus acknowledgments, the campus teachers of the year were allowed to participate in the district-level selection process for the Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year.


DeSoto ISD announced the selection of these top two teachers at the annual end-of-year employee recognition event, the Cadence of Celebration in May. The two top teachers can advance to the regional teacher award nomination this summer.


DeSoto ISD commends and celebrates its top district and campus teachers and their commitment to the district’s vision and mission.


  • Elementary Teacher of the Year: Lauren Stewart - Frank Moates Elementary
  • Secondary Teacher of the Year.: Lakesha Jackson - Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy


The district-level winners are participating in the Regional Teacher of the Year contest this summer.


Frank D. Moates Elementary Teacher - Lauren Stewart -Special Education Inclusion Teacher

Lauren Stewart is the Special Education Inclusion teacher on her campus and has 12 years of academic instructional experience with seven of those years in DeSoto ISD. For the last three years, she has been at the Frank Moates campus and still enjoys the challenge of customizing her teaching approach to meet the unique needs of each learner. The relationships she builds with her students, their families, and peers are the foundation of her deep passion for teaching and, throughout the year, she collaborates with colleagues to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment and contribute to the betterment of our campus community. Her inspiration is rooted in her deep-seated aspiration to witness every student in her care flourish, just as she envisions for her child.  As an educator, she is moved by the tremendous promise each student possesses, and mindful that, she possesses the power to mold their destiny and unleash their true potential. Hearing the praises of my students while walking through the halls fills her with joy and reinforces the importance of her daily work.

Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy - Lakesha Jackson - Secondary ELAR Teacher

Lakesha Jackson has five years of experience and is primarily focused on creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. She is known for her innovative teaching methods, integrating technology and real-world applications into her lessons to engage students, ignite their curiosity and critical thinking skills, and enhance their overall learning outcomes. Some of her strategies include research activities, collaborative discussions with guided questions, novel studies, and cross-curricular projects. Jackson’s ultimate goal is to empower her students to reach their full potential and inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Her dedication to students and her profession make her an invaluable asset to the educational community. Receiving the campus teacher of the year award felt very rewarding to Jackson who is grateful to be recognized for the work that she has done and will continue to do.

Celebrating the 2024 Campus Teachers of the Year and District Finalists

Amber Terrace - Tiffany Moline PK-3 General Education

Tiffany Moline is in her third year as an early childhood general education teacher but has more than 20 years of instructional experience. She has been a part of the DeSoto ISD family for three years and loves the opportunity to inspire and empower the minds of our future leaders. Moline is inspired by her excited, inquisitive pre-kindergarteners who motivate her to provide a positive and unforgettable first-year experience. Part of her teaching inspiration hails from her mother who loves to learn, stressed the importance of receiving an education, and made sure that her children were well educated. For Moline, the rewards of teaching come when a student who is struggling in any area shows growth and gains confidence. She loves the "Ah Ha" moment. Moline believes bringing real-life experiences to the classroom increases instruction effectiveness and allows students to make connections with their everyday experiences. In turn, this helps with comprehension and retention. In reflection, of her selection as campus teacher of the year, Molines was humbled that her colleagues recognized her genuine passion and dedication to students. Also, she is more motivated to keep striving for excellence and making a positive impact in the lives of students and their families. When she felt like she wasn't doing enough, being recognized as Teacher of the Year confirmed that she is walking in her purpose, and gave her a sense of pride and renewed confidence in her ability to effectively educate our future leaders. View Video