Selective Enrollment


Selective Enrollment opens the door to high-quality educational options for families who live outside of DeSoto ISD. Our selection process is competitive and seeks to add academically dedicated scholars to our Eagle family. If your student is not currently zoned to attend a DeSoto ISD school, please follow the procedures and guidelines below.

Procedures and Guidelines

Criteria: Selective Enrollment Transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval by the superintendent or his/her designee.

  • Documents for consideration include:
    • Standardized testing results from the previous and current school year
    • Official discipline report from the previous and current school year
    • Report card from the previous and current school year
    • Attendance report must be detailing excused absences, unexcused absences, and tardies from the previous school year.

DeSoto ISD will also consider space availability in the school, grade level, specialty programs, and specialty classes, if applicable. The parent must provide transportation to and from school and ensure students arrive and are picked up on time. Transfers shall be granted for one regular school year at a time.

Selective Enrollment (Transfer) Revocation: As per policy FDA(LOCAL) transfer students can be removed from their transfer campus for violation of the terms of the agreement. Based on the circumstances of the situation, the student will be placed on a final warning or their transfer will be revoked immediately. 

  • Repeated failure to abide by the rules specified in the DeSoto Student Code of Conduct
  • Student commits a disciplinary infraction that mandates removal to the DAEP or JJAEP
  • A documented pattern of late arrivals and/or poor attendance
  • Falsification of information
  • Failure to meet the Selective Enrollment criteria annually

Approval: Students will be admitted based on space and program availability and upon meeting all required criteria.

Application Timeline

The superintendent’s designee will attempt to decide on a selective enrollment request within 10 days after the deadline for all completed requests. However, the District may delay a decision when determined necessary to properly consider relevant information and operational needs.

  1. Selective Enrollment requests will begin at 8AM on Jun 1, 2023 and end at 5PM on July 31, 2023 for the fall semester.
  2. Parents/guardians will be notified in writing of acceptance. Failure to submit a completed application (including all required documents) will be deemed as a rejection.
  3. Parents/guardians of accepted students will have two weeks from the time of acceptance to accept or reject the offer (in writing) to attend the DeSoto ISD.
  4. Upon acceptance, parents/guardians must immediately complete the enrollment process.

Selective Enrollment Admission Application

Selective Enrollment FAQs

What additional documents will I need to provide after completing the Selective Enrollment Admission Application?

To enroll a student new to DeSoto ISD, the following documents will need to be electronically submitted to the district:

  • Completed Selective Enrollment Admission Application for 2023/2024
  • Student’s original copy of Birth Certificate
  • Student’s Social Security Card
  • Student’s Immunization Records
  • Copy of one parent/guardian driver’s license. application receipt for a new license is acceptable. *No out-of-state licenses will be accepted.
  • Final Report Cards from 2022 – 2023, showing yearly attendance and grades. (Not required for Kindergarten applicants.)
  • Discipline record or documentation from the former school.

What are the reasons that a Selective Enrollment application may be denied?

Reasons for denial of application include:

  • Failure to meet the District’s criteria for Selective Enrollment
  • Failure of the student to be a positive member of the school environment
  • History of poor attendance, late arrivals, and/or disciplinary infractions
  • Falsification of information on the application and/or related documents
  • Failing current state standardized assessments or other recognized tests (not applicable for the 22-23 school year)
  • Failing grades in two or more subject areas
  • Limited space availability
  • Limited campus staffing