DeSoto ISD Weather Watch

WeatherWhat happens in DeSoto ISD when temperatures drop and our area has inclement winter weather or is facing stormy weather?


Forecasting the weather is merely a best estimate of what may happen. District staff monitor weather conditions (National Weather Service) including storm warnings, tornadoes, precipitation and freezing warnings.

Road conditions are also analyzed, and communication takes place with our bus company, Dallas County Schools, along with related information available from other sources and area school districts.


  • NWS – National Weather Service notifications and monitored
  • Dallas County Emergency Management
  • All campuses have a weather radio and City alerts
  • Lightning Notifications – within 6 miles all students will remain indoors, we will delay release until lightning clears
  • Tornado Warnings – all campuses shelter-in-place; if during drop-off or pick-up parents are moved into the building for safety as well.  

If bad weather is coming during school / early dismissal:

Winter Weather - If winter weather conditions worsen during the day, we determine if an early release is needed to get the students home sooner and bus drivers back to the bus barn safely prior to darkness. We try to make that decision prior to 10:00 a.m. to adequately coordinate the dismissal process. We want to provide safety for all students while incurring the least disruption of classes. Campus principals will remain at the school until every student is picked up by their parent or designee.

Storms - If storms are in the forecast, DeSoto ISD will keep students safely in the building until inclement weather passes. Safe places have been established for each campus and building, students, and staff will gather in these safe places. District administration and SROs stay in constant communication with local emergency services and advise campus administrators when the need arises to implement school procedures such as duck and cover and shelter in place (SHELTER). Any buses in the immediate area of inclement weather will be stopped at the nearest school, and the students will be kept on that campus until the danger passes.

Please note, DeSoto ISD conducts routine drills to reinforce proper weather procedures. Just like when inclement weather conditions occur, weather severity and road conditions can vary greatly from area to area, so we plan and adjust accordingly.

If bad weather is coming overnight or weekends / delay start or close school:

While monitoring weather and road conditions, the administrative team advises the Superintendent on conditions and he/she makes the final decision. Due to possible changing conditions, the district will usually wait until early morning to make the final decision to delay to close school. We must consider the impact on families if parents must work, the impact on employees being able to safely arrive, bus transportation conditions, and the weather forecast for the day ahead.

Findings and assessments are discussed with Superintendent by 5:30 a.m.

The Superintendent makes a decision by 5:45 a.m. whether or not to close or delay the start of school.


We then use our standard communication channels if any changes to the district schedule require adjustment:

  • SchoolMessenger notification
    • Parents - Make sure your parent and emergency contact information is correct in Parent Portal. Click Here to log into Parent Portal and check for accuracy. This information is used to reach you regarding closures and emergencies.
    • Employees - Check your contact information in the Employee Service Center. Your home phone will be used to contact you in an emergency or regarding closures.
  • Internal district e-mail – for employees
  • Web site posting on front page
  • Facebook posting, Twitter post
  • Local media outlets
    • ABC-WFAA 8 and Dallas Morning News, NBC-KXAS 5, CBS-KTVT 11, Fox-KDFW 4, KRLD Radio