Commitments & Priorities

We outline seven Commitments that will frame our work in schools and district-wide for the life of the plan (2020-2025). Each commitment serves as a broad area that is representative of the work that needs to be done to realize our vision and mission. While the comments reflect the key components of the vision and direction of our schools, we recognize that they are broad categories and there is much to be done within each. Additionally, We recognize the great challenge before us as a school district and community, and addressing them will require strategic action within the context of limited resources.

To that end, each commitment has a set of priority areas,Identified by our community to be the most important and strategic levers to achieve the vision and mission. To ensure that we have clear and attainable goals guiding our actions, each commitment has an anchor goal that describes the high-level measurable intended outcome of our actions. Aligned to each anchor goal are the key performance indicators we have identified as measures of on-going progress. This strategic planning framework serves as the public accountability structure to ensure that we deliver on the promise of equity and excellence for DeSoto ISD students and families.