Maintenance and Operations

DeSoto ISD Maintenance and Operations includes all plant services, maintenance and custodial staff and duties including facility and grounds maintenance, remodeling and construction as well as custodial crews at district facilities not served by contract.

All campuses and athletic facilities are served by contracted custodial services. Plant Services can assist you with facility management, maintenance requests, HVAC, custodial services and pest management.

Core Four Functions:

  • Maintenance and custodial Services
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Rental and Renovations
  • Energy Management
  • Transportation

Department Contact Information: 

James Thomas

Chief of Maintenance and Operations

(972) 223-6666 ext 8704/8215

[email protected]

Don Lester

Director of Plant Services

(972) 223-6666

[email protected]

Connie Johnson

Transportation Coordinator

(972) 223-6666 ext 8703

[email protected]

Darlene Sanders

M&O Administrative Assistant

(972) 223-6666 ext ext 8704

[email protected]

Tressa Mathis

M&O Office Clerk

(972) 223-6666 ext 8503

[email protected]