Experience Survey

With a laser focus on creating a world-class district and improving the learning outcomes for students, DeSoto ISD invites its stakeholders –  students and their families, employees, and community members –  to help set change in motion by participating in the upcoming spring administration of its Experience Surveys.

The goal is to gather an honest account of the experiences of the DeSoto ISD school community to provide a baseline for growth and awareness as the district enters its next phase of the strategic planning process to reimagine DeSoto ISD.

This administration of Experience Surveys will measure social-emotional well-being and academic engagement; school climate, culture, and environment including staff-student relationships and professional development. 

The community and family input will be collected holistically and will center around the topics of engagement, barriers, and community priorities among other topics.

DeSoto ISD will survey students in grades 3-12, teachers, campus and district administrators, and all non-instructional staff. While responses are entered individually, the district will only review data from a categorical perspective.

This information will be used to guide our educational practices and programs that support safe, relevant, and effective school learning communities.

All of the questions have been reviewed by district staff and are appropriate for school-aged students. A copy of the student survey will be made available via your child’s campus for parents to review if desired.

Click here to access the FAMILY survey.        Click here to access the COMMUNITY survey.