March 11, District Statement re: DHS Incident

March 11, 2022, District Statement re:DHS Incident
Posted on 03/11/2022
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The DeSoto Independent School District takes matters of safety and security seriously. Anytime matters of concern are brought to the attention of the District, administrators are intent on a full and comprehensive review and response to the matter. Recently, a multitude of concerns involving the safety and well-being of a student were alleged on social media.

While the District cannot offer specific information due to FERPA and HIPAA restrictions, the District asserts that adequate measures were taken to ensure the safety and security of the student.

The District has thoroughly reviewed the allegations related to this matter and can confirm that its findings do not align with the claims made. Specifically, the District’s findings confirm:

  • no forced consumption of substances of any kind took place in relation to this matter;
  • no forms of assault were committed in relation to the matter in question;
  • no abduction, unlawful holding, or restraint occurred in the matter in question; and
  • the District supported any and all individuals’ rights to due process, including but not limited to, a thorough investigation of the matter in question and the opportunity to file reports to law enforcement.

The parent alleges that the District did not account for the student during a safety drill. The District owns its responsibility to account for every child on campus during a practice safety drill or actualized incident. The District maintains that it followed all protocols related to practiced or authorized safety drills during the alleged incident. The District will continue to follow such protocols with fidelity to ensure the safety of every student in our care.

To address this matter, campus health and administrative professionals immediately followed adequate protocols, including conducting a health assessment and notifying the student’s family in a timely manner.

The District has reached out to the family and is intent on working with those involved to provide the support and resources needed to work through this matter.

To date, the District has not received a response from the parent.

Despite the allegations that continue to circulate, the District is working towards a positive resolution of this matter and to fully support all involved. In all matters related to the people served within our school community, DeSoto ISD extends its personnel, resources, and other supports within our disposal to our school community. The District remains focused on providing holistic and high-quality educational experiences to every student and family in a safe and secure environment.