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DeSoto High School Senior Receives Full Tuition Award from UT Austin
Posted on 03/31/2023
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“Hard work will pay off” is a message that DeSoto High School senior Michael Adeagbo can say is true in his own life. Adeagbo, who plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin, received a surprise visit from the UT Austin Student Recruitment and Affairs staff during his DHS AP Calculus class.

While campus visits from college recruiters are common during the school year at DeSoto High School, it was the reason for the visit that made this one so special.

In front of his peers, his father and brother, Adeagbo was awarded The University of Texas at Austin IMPACT Scholarship, which equates to $48,000, completely funding his tuition for the next four years. 

“I am ecstatic! Wow, I am really happy! I can’t believe it!” said Adeagbo, “Without a scholarship or financial aid, I did not know that I would be able to go. I heard the stories about adults paying loans for 25 years, and I just really did not want to go down that path.”

The Impact Scholarship is reserved for students who are making an impact in their home community through leadership development and academics.

Michael Guiterrez, from the University of Texas at Austin Admissions office, presented the award to Adeagbo in recognition of his hard work as a DeSoto Eagle.

“We heard about the work you are doing and the dreams that you have and we wanted to recognize you. Out of the 66,000 applicants, you are 1 of 60 students to receive this award.”

The mission of DeSoto ISD is to, without exception, allow students to achieve at their highest levels and Adeagbo has actualized this opportunity continuously.

Currently, Adeagbo ranks in the top 30 percent of his senior class and is a student of the Career and Technical Education- Business and Industry Design & Multi-Media Arts pathway. He also takes Advanced Academics and Dual Credit courses at DHS. 

He plans to major in Arts and Entertainment Technologies once enrolled at UT.

Adeagbo is the second of his siblings who graduated from DeSoto High to attend UT,  but the first to receive this type of financial aid. Being familiar with the campus through the experiences and conversations with his older brother also made UT a winning decision though not his primary impetus. 

“I like to draw and I want to be a graphic designer, so I looked up the best schools for this degree and it was the University of Texas at Austin,” he said.

Though surprised that his entire tuition is funded by the University, Adeagbo admits something seemed to be brewing after seeing a group of people clad in burnt orange on campus alongside members of his family in the front office. 

“I knew that I was getting a scholarship once I checked my email a couple of days ago, but I did not know until I was reading the admissions letter that I learned that my entire tuition was being paid for,” said Adeagbo smiling as he recalled the surrealness of the moment.

Ensuring that students are leaving DeSoto ISD college and career ready is one of the primary goals of DeSoto ISD and the reason that vast choices and opportunities are available to students to create the future that they desire.

“My teachers at DeSoto High School helped me to figure out what I want to be in the future and prepare me for college,” Adeagbo said. “Taking college classes now and AP classes like Mr. Beck-Smith’s calculus felt like a college course and helped me understand more about college.”

Over the last three years, each DHS graduating class has averaged over $15 million in scholarship dollars and is steadily increasing as student outcomes continue to improve and the district continues to advance its college access options.

Director of Advanced Academics Robin Johnson-Ford spoke about the district’s post-secondary legacy and culture.

“DeSoto ISD is a partner with UT for its outreach programs and various other programs. It is awesome to know that one of our students was selected for this award,” Johnson-Ford said. “To know that his brother also just graduated from this university last year makes it an opportunity to continue this legacy and tradition in their family.”

Mr. Adeagbo, Michael’s father, whose smile and hug shared his gratitude for his son’s achievement and recognition, punctuating this moment: 


“... DeSoto ISD is the place for the future!”

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