DeSoto ISD School Resource Officers (SROs)

Security Resource Officers

GENERAL OVERVIEW - School districts across the country have School Resource Officers - certified police officers who assist in creating a safe learning and working environment for students, teachers, administrators, and other school employees. The DeSoto Police Department School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit works in a partnership with DeSoto ISD to develop and maintain programs for the goal of student achievement and to help implement the mission of the district.

DeSoto Police Department - Community Policing Goals are also accomplished, such as prevention, intervention, education, and enforcement. Our SROs are hard-working police officers who care about the success of the children in our community. 

DeSoto Campus Crime Stoppers - Get paid up to $200.00 for confirmed criminal tips for school or city crimes. Rewards are available when a criminal case is solved and the suspect(s) identified. Call (972) 274-8013 or see your campus principal or SRO. Callers are

DeSoto ISD School Resource Officers - DeSoto PD Sgt. Bristow

  • DeSoto High School - Officer Brumfield and  Officer Hopkins
  • Freshman Campus - Officer Tasby
  • McCowan MS - OfficerDavis

SRO Impact
SRO's on segways
School Resource Officers perform many functions during their tour of duty. They provide security and law enforcement on district campuses, as well as offer students another counseling resource in times of need. 

School Resource Officers teach special curriculum classes called  GREAT , which is designed as a preventative for drug and gang involvement as well as introduction to law and judicial concepts. Various life-skills such as decision-making, self-confidence building, peer pressure reversal techniques, dealing with bullies, and character education are taught in age-appropriate curricula during these programs.  More information about anti-bullying found here.

Gang prevention awareness tips for parents

School Resource Officers also provide investigators and patrol officers with intelligence on criminal activity, including activity of suspected gang members. School Resource Officers also spend after school hours with parent conferences as well as making presentations to the PTA.