DeSoto ISD Student Dress Code Survey

DeSoto ISD Student Dress Code Survey
Posted on 04/19/2023
DeSoto ISD Student Dress Code SurveyAs DeSoto ISD prepares for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, the district wants to provide the school community an opportunity to offer input regarding what school uniforms will look like for PK3-12 grade scholars.

The intent to transition to uniforms was primarily centered around creating and maintaining a safe, student-centered environment that promotes healthy and collaborative relationships among students and staff members and students and their peers; one which allows staff to easily identify students and intruders as an added safety measure; and one that promotes community and belongingness by building pride in student appearance and the district's colors and branding through uniform colors, emblems, and logos.

The photos below do not depict the actual uniforms proposed for the upcoming academic year but are provided as visuals to inform future decisions regarding school uniforms in DeSoto ISD for all grade levels.

Help inform the district's uniform dress code by selecting a preference among the offerings listed:

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