Testing and Assessment

The Assessment and Accountability Department is responsible for all state assessments K-12, Credit By Exam (CBE), Exams for Acceleration.  We assist with PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams.  We also coordinate HB5 Community Engagement, the District Educational Improvement Council (DEIC), the District Improvement Plan (DIP), and assist campus personnel with the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP).  DeSoto ISD is committed to using State and local assessments to measure and assess student learning and programs. 

GOALS - The goals of the Assessment and Accountability Department are the following:

  • Analyze data and provide reports to curriculum departments
  • Improve training and awareness of state and federal accountability standards
  • Improve testing security, distribution, and procedures during assessments

Accessing Student STAAR Scores in the Texas Assessment Student Data Portal

  1. Go to https://texasassessment.com/
  2. If you know your student’s Unique Access Code, enter it, along with the student’s Date of Birth, then click Log In To Student Portal.
  3. You will then be redirected to the Texas Assessment Data Portal. 
  4. If you do NOT know your student’s Access Code, click on the FIND My Access Code link.
    • Enter the Student’s First Name, PEIMS ID (either the Social Security Number or the State ID Number), and Date of Birth. Then click GO.
    • The student’s Access Code will automatically populate. Click GO again to go directly into site.  Keep this code it follows them all the way through 12th grade.
  5. Once you’ve successfully entered the Unique Access Code and Date of Birth, the student’s test history will be displayed on the screen. Click on any test name to view its details.To obtain an electronic copy of the 2019 STAAR Report Card, click the Download PDFs button in the upper-right corner.
  6. Click on the test administration to view the STAAR Report Card.
  7. The system will generate a PDF file suitable for download/printing. 

STAAR Graphic